Applications: Thin clients, kiosks, industrial user interface, wireless routers, firewalls, special purpose network devices...
CPU: 433 or 500 MHz AMD Geode LX CPU - cache = 64KB instruction + 64KB data + 128KB L2 - integrated crypto accelerator
DRAM: 128 or 256 MB DDR SDRAM (333 or 400 MHz clock)
Storage: Operating system and application stored on CompactFlash card (not included).
Power: Surf the web on about 5W of 12V DC power using ALIX.1C as a thin client ! 
Expansion: LPC bus for adding serial ports, ISA style I/O, GPIO etc. I2C bus for user interface, software lock devices etc.
Connectivity: 1 to 3 Ethernet channels (Via VT6105M), 2 or 1 miniPCI slots (cards not included), 1 serial port (console).