Deliberant CPE 2
Deliberant CPE Products

The CPE 2 product showcases the highest EIRP solution on the updated 2.4 GHz Deliberant product line. At a screaming 500 mW output power, the CPE 2 couples a carrier-grade Atheros-based chipset radio with a software selectable, integrated or connectorized antenna solution to deliver superior connectivity for long-range wireless links. This product features a robust weatherproof enclosure with a versatile tilt-swivel mounting system, and is power-over-ethernet driven, allowing for ease of installation in a variety of applications.

The software features of the CPE 2 include a powerful Linux-based core OS, with an easy-to-use, web-based GUI, providing an increased amount of flexibility, stability, features, and management functions that are not present in other WISP products on the market today. This product is also compatible with RCMS, a centralized configuration, firmware, and statistics server for carrier class management.

Product contains:

  • 500 mW RF Output Power (adjustable)
  • Software selectable antenna solution:
    • 14 dBi integrated panel antenna, or
    • External N-Connector for custom application
  • Full, half, and quarter bandwidth channels
  • PoE built-in for single cable installation
  • LEDs for power/LAN connectivity indication
  • Compact weatherproof enclosure
  • Configurable Multi-mode CPE
    • Client Bridge/Client Router
    • WDS
  • Latest security technologies
  • Comprehensive software features
    • IP routing
    • DHCP client/server/relay
    • PPPoE client support
    • Wireless QoS support (WMM)
    • MAC/IP filtering
    • Easy antenna alignment
    • Bandwidth control
  • Comprehensive management features
    • Web GUI
    • Command line management via SSH
    • RCMS server support for configuration
    • SNMP V1/2 with traps supporting MIBs: 802.1, 802.1x, MIBII
    • Syslog support
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