LigoMesh Duo

LigoMESH products

The LigoMesh Duo is a carrier-class Mesh device, capable of operating in high bandwidth demand, client-intensive environments. This robust product features two high-powered, Atheros-based mini-PCI radios that are each output power-adjustable and user-selectable between the 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz bands. The two-radio design is ideally suited for use in Mesh Node/Gateway applications - one radio dedicated for meshing to an auto negotiated Mesh Node (creating a self-forming, self-healing network architecture) while the other radio is dedicated for service set broadcasting. As a gateway, the LigoMesh Duo provides WiFi connectivity while acting as a wired network connection for terminal network devices. The LigoMesh Duo features a powerful 266 MHz processing board, capable of maintaining seamless Mesh WiFi operation in even the most bandwidth-intensive applications. The LigoMesh Duo features two N-Connectors for custom antenna application, and comes encased in a rugged cast aluminum, hinged enclosure.

The LigoMesh Duo features the customized LigoMesh software suite - a powerful core OS offering an abundance of flexibility, stability, and management features not present in other Mesh products on the market today. This robust software platform accompanied by an array of industry-leading hardware features makes the LigoMesh Duo a universal, customized radio solution for any Mesh application.

Product contains:

  • High output power radios (up to 250 mW - adjustable)
  • Rugged cast aluminum hinged enclosure
  • Full, half, and quarter bandwidth channels
  • Multi-BSSID support (VSSID) with VLAN tags
  • PoE built-in for single cable installation
  • Configurable Multi-mode Operation
    • Mesh Node/Gateway (802.11a + 802.11b/g)
  • Captive Portal (hotspot) Configurable
  • Latest security technologies
  • Comprehensive software features
    • IP routing
    • DHCP client/server/relay
    • DNS relay/proxy
    • Stateful inspection firewall
    • MAC/IP filtering
    • Digital device certificates
  • Comprehensive management features
    • Web GUI
    • Command line management via SSH
    • RCMS server support for configuration
    • SNMP V1/2/3 with traps supporting MIBs: 802.1, 802.1x, MIBII
    • Syslog support
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